The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center Houston

The Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Centers of Houston offers drug/alcohol treatments to those who want to live a happy sober life. It provides spiritual, social, and emotional assistance for patients and families affected by chemical addiction. 

The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center

Every center of The Salvation Army offers inpatient, outpatient, and group therapy. The Salvation Army is an integral part of the Christian Church, so their treatment also includes spiritual therapy. Apart from that, they are funded by the people’s generous donations, and they do not get anything from the federal government. 

Residential Rehab program

The Salvation Army runs the Adult Rehabilitation program, which is 180-day residential work-therapy. It includes spiritual, social, and emotional assistance to the addict of chemicals. 

The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center

As we have told you, it is an entirely free program for those who meet the criteria. You can check the criteria form here

Salvation Army is located all over the world, where you can get quality treatment at no cost. Visit their official website and find the nearest location to your home. 


The Salvation Army Rehab center

1015 Hemphill St,

Houston, TX 77007,

United States


615 Slaters Lane

Alexandria, VA 22314

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