Phoenix House Austin TX

Phoenix House of Austin offers outpatient services for chemical addiction. The Center provides outpatient services for both adults and young people. 

Phoenix House Austin TX

 Phoenix House Texas has played a pivotal role in the life of thousands of men, women, and teens. They have helped them to overcome drug and alcohol addiction. Their efforts helped people to live healthy, successful, and goal-oriented lives.

Its services include outpatient counseling, residential treatment, and prevention education. 

Phoenix house Austin TX


Adult Outpatient Services

Adults are treated in a safe and supportive environment, which helps them break a chain of drug and alcohol abuse. It also helps them to understand how to quit the addiction forever. 

Every program is tailor-made for each individual, and it depends on the drug usage. Moreover, Outpatient services are cost-effective in comparison to residential treatment. 



3000 S Interstate 35

Austin, TX – 78704

(888) 671-9392

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