Outpatient rehab – Road to Recovery from Home

What is Outpatient Rehab

An outpatient rehabilitation program is the treatment of addiction without disturbing the patient’s daily life routine. Such a program is beneficial for patients suffering from mild to moderate drug or alcohol addiction. Patients can book a schedule of rehab program according to their need that is of 30,60 or 90 days. In some cases, the duration of the program may increase or decrease based on the patient’s severeness.

Outpatient rehab

Type of outpatient drug rehab

There are three general types of outpatient rehab:-

  • Day programs 
  • Intensive outpatient programs 
  • Continuing care 

 Day programs 

It is the highest demanded program among patients to lead a sober life. The level of care is extremely good. In Day programs, patients need to meet therapists 5-7 days per week and can take part in full or half-day programs 

treatment of Day Programs

– Required medication 

– Counseling 

– Group discussion 

– Meditation 

– Music, art, etc. 

Intensive outpatient programs 

These are target-oriented programs. The time duration reduces as soon as patients achieve the set target. The intensive outpatient program is comparatively flexible than Day program because sessions are conducted in the morning or evening. Patients can opt for this program if they have a busy schedule. 

Continuing care 

This program helps patients to solidify their commitment to sobriety. Meetings are held weekly to check improvement in patients. This program may be gender-specific or age-specific, but their main aim is the recovery of the patient.


Benefits of Outpatient rehab 

The demand for outpatient rehab has increased in the past few decades. Benefits of outpatient drug rehab are more comparable to Inpatient rehab

These are several advantages of outpatient rehab:-


The patient does not have to pay costs to Inpatient services like staying, food, and other maintenance costs.

Time savior

It saves the time of the patient’s which will help them to create a good balance between work and home.  

Family support

Moreover, during a period of treatment, Family members can stay together and can attend sessions with patients. It gives emotional support to overcome drug addiction

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