Inpatient rehab – choose the right inpatient rehab centers

Inpatient rehab is also known as residential treatment; in this type of rehab, a person lives in the facility to overcome the addiction. The duration of the program lasts from 30 to 90 days, depending on the recovery and budget of the treatment seeker.

Inpatient Rehab

Inpatient rehabilitation considered the best recovery program for addiction. Generally, the program includes detoxification, Group therapy, health assessment, mental health assessment, fitness programs, family meetings, yoga, educational sessions. Inpatient rehab

Most of the programs are tailor-made, and it is designed as per the need of patients. Rehab center team analyses patients’ addiction, level of damage, mental and physical health, and then they come up with a rehab plan.

How to choose the right inpatient rehab centers?

Every person is different from another, so does the treatment. So the question is how to find the right residential treatment facility. Below are specific points one should take into consideration before finalizing the facility.

1) License and accreditation

Make sure that the facility has a license and certification. Not only the facility but also check Treatment program accreditation.

2) Licensed and experienced staff

It is an essential factor in deciding the RTC. It is advisable to check that RTC Staff has experience in treating your specific addiction.

3) Success rate and reviews

It is always good to see the track record of the center. Meet their clients and ask for their experience. Check online reviews and see find out what people say about the center.

4) Experience 

If the rehab center is not in the business from the last five years, try to avoid it. It may be possible that they are taking advantage of high demand. If the center is new, then meet the physician and ask for his accreditation and experience.

5) Luxury is not quality 

All glitters are not gold.

Don’t pay a hefty amount just because the center is located in Beverly Hills or Malibu, or it has pools and private rooms. What is the point of paying huge bills if you don’t get proper counseling?

6) Insurance 

Meet your insurance provider and find the facility which is in-network with your insurance provider. It is a good sign if you’re chosen center is in the network, it means that the center is meeting with the standards of Insurance companies.

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