{FREE} Salvation Army Adult Rehab Center Austin

Salvation Army Austin Rehab center is no different than other facilities. It works to improve the shattered life of individuals. They not only help you to overcome addiction, but they give hope to live a beautiful life again. 

Salvation Army Adult Rehab Center Austin

Adult rehabilitation center works on two vital points that help you to re-enter society and return to gainful employment. Programs work on physical and spiritual care; once you complete this program, you are right to unite with family and community. 

Moreover, Salvation Army Austin provides a clean and healthy living environment. It also offers nourishing food, work therapy, free time activities, counseling, and spiritual guidance.  

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The person needs to undergo an interview and commitment of a minimum of 6 months. for more information, one can call on their number of visiting the website austin.satruck.org. 


4216 S Congress Ave, 


TX 78745, 

United States

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