First Step Counseling Center – Oak Cliff, North Dallas, and Plano, Texas

First Step Counseling provides adult outpatient substance abuse treatment in Oak Cliff, North Dallas, and Plano of Texas. Center has provided and changed the lives of more than 20000 people’s lives in the Dallas and Fort Worth area. 

First Step Counseling Center

FSC has three primary programs: intensive outpatient, supportive outpatient, and Drug and Alcohol Education Program. The duration of the program is four weeks to 6 months. This facility is licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services (TDSHS), and it has certified Chemical Dependency Counselors in its team. 

First Step Counseling Center

Chemical dependency is hard to leave, and if you are struggling with it, you take outpatient treatment to put your addiction behind. 


Oak Cliff

219B Sunset Avenue

Suite #101

Dallas, TX 75208

214-942-8808 Office

214-941-8508 Fax

North Dallas

2750 Northaven Road

Suite 107

Dallas, TX 75229

972-239-4440 Office

972-239-4453 Fax


900 E. Park Boulevard

Suite #153

Plano, Texas 75074

972-633-5544 Office

972-633-5566 Fax

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