Felicity House Los Ageles : A Haven for Women in Recovery

By | August 24, 2023

In a quiet part of West Los Angeles, there’s a cozy two-story Victorian house. It looks like the other houses of the neighborhood with a white fence and a yard full of greenery. Only thing which is different is that it is called Felicity House, is special for the people who live there.

Providing Hope and Healing

It all started with a idea of helping fellow citizens. Felicity House was established in 1974 by kind hearted people who wanted to make a real change in society. Aim was to help those who are struggling with alcohol problems, especially women. Back then, there weren’t many places for women to get better. Even now, Felicity House is one of the few affordable places where treatment is free or at a very low cost for the women in West LA.

A Safe and Supportive Home

However, they can take only 9 women at a time and they can stay together to get the rid of addiction. Peer grout helps them stay away from things that might tempt them to drink or use drugs again, especially when they’re just starting to get better.

A Helping Hand Since 1974

At Felicity House, the women support each other like friends. They also get personal guidance and follow a special plan called the 12-step philosophy to get out of addiction. Obliviously They are rules which they need to follow, some rules are coming home by a certain time, going to meetings, doing chores, and setting goals.

This rule helps them to achieve their goal and get disciplined, it also helps them deal with the problems they had when they were using alcohol or drugs. Without Felicity House and these rules, it would be very hard for them to find jobs again, fix their personal and money problems, and heal from the tough things they went through.


We want to give a safe and supportive home to women who are trying to stop drinking or using drugs. We want to help them get better and become active members of the community.

Facility House

3701 Cardiff Ave,

Los Angeles,

CA 90034,

United States

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