Black Alcohol Drug Service Information Center

The Black Alcohol/Drug Service Information Center, AKA BASIC, offers alcohol and drug abuse services. It provides its service in the city of St. Louis, Missouri, and New Orleans, Louisiana. BASIC is working to make a difference and help people find love and purpose again. 

Black Alcohol Drug Service Information Center

BASIC works to reduce the negative impact of alcohol and drug use in the Black Communities. 

​We have seen families, and people suffered a lot due to drug and alcohol consumption, and once you are trapped in this vicious circle, it is tough to come out of it. Right rehab centers such as Black Alcohol Drug Service Information Center can help to become addiction-free again. 


Cocaine, heroin, and other drugs have created a loveless, hopeless and purposeless society where the individual doesn’t care about his or his family’s life. To make a difference, BASIC has become a pioneer in substance abuse treatment, across the country.

Black Alcohol Drug Service Information Center


Black Alcohol/Drug Service Information Center

3028 Locust Street

Saint Louis, MO – 63103

(314) 621-9009

Fax Number: (314) 621-1071


Why one should not be ashamed of dependency?

Drugs became a national problem for the United States of America. There are so many youngsters and adults who are on drugs. It is really sad to see the future is being wasted on drugs and other chemical dependencies.

It is never late to get out of an endless loop and for that, you have accepted that you are on wrong track. So many people are afraid to seek help by thinking that what they will think about them?

There is no shame in accepting to your loved one that you are addicted and you need help. They are the one who cares about your help and they will give you support to get out of it.

They will not able to help you if they don’t know about your addiction. So be brave and tell your family or friend that you need help.

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