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According to one survey, people with addiction don’t seek medical assistance, mainly due to financial incapability.
We have listed out Free or low cost treatment center for drug and alcohol treatment.

Drug rehab

Drug rehab or Drug Rehabilitation helps to overcome a person from substance abuse, drug addiction, or alcohol addiction. My Free Rehab Center Aims to provide information and guidance at no cost.

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Mail us if you or your close member struggles with addiction. We are a group of young people who aims to fight drug addiction. We can help/guide you on how to come over drug addiction.


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Outpatient rehab

Are there any free rehab centers?

There are plenty of options that can help you to come clean and live a healthy life if you are determined to overcome substance abuse and wanted to live a sober life.

You can go with state-funded rehab centers, in which the government will bear the cost of your treatment. You can also consider a faith-based rehab program even if you are not a religious person. Many faith-based rehab programs are entirely free and do not ask you to follow any religious beliefs.

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