Isabella Journey: Overcoming Addiction & Reclaiming Her Dream

Hello Readers, We are thrilled to share the story of Isabella Wilson’s remarkable journey of addiction to sobriety. Isabella, now 27 years old, has openly battled and overcome heroin and alcohol addiction, but she’s also chasing her long-awaited dream of becoming law attorney. A Courageous Battle against Addiction Isabella’s story is inspiration for so many… Read More »

Sunrise Community Counseling Center – {Free Rehab Center}

Located in the heart of the Westlake/Pico-Union community, Sunrise Community Counseling Center is a special place that helps people dealing with substance use and mental health challenges. We’ve been here in Los Angeles since 1976, and we’re proud to be a non-profit organization that cares about our community. About Sunrise Community Counseling Center (SCCC) At… Read More »

Why do drug addicts never stop using?

Drug addiction is a complex condition that affects an individual’s brain and behavior. There are several factors that contribute to why drug addicts may continue to use drugs, even despite negative consequences in their lives. Some of these factors include: Physical Dependence: Over time, drug use can alter the brain’s chemistry, leading to physical dependence… Read More »

What is detox in drug rehab?

Detoxification (detox) is the first step in drug rehabilitation. It is a process by which the body rids itself of drugs and other toxins, and is a crucial part of the recovery process. Detox helps to manage withdrawal symptoms and helps to prepare individuals for further treatment. Cost of detox The cost of detox can… Read More »

Do drug Rehab Center works?

The shortest answer to this question is Yes, drug rehabilitation centers can be effective in helping individuals overcome drug addiction. Rehabilitation centers offer a comprehensive approach to treating drug addiction, including medical detox, therapy and counseling, and support in a safe and structured environment. By addressing both the physical and psychological aspects of addiction, rehabilitation… Read More »